This is SYP

SYP is an Australian bottled cocktail brand specialising in an extensive range of both Classic and our own unique creations.

We believe that the secret to a truly beautiful drink is made with the choice of high quality, well-made and often, local produced spirits from boutique producers and distillers.

Of course, knowing how to blend each of these ingredients to excite the drinker comes down to our masterful approach to balance in our blending, coupled with our knowledge of flavours, aromatics and botanicals.

You might say our approach is almost ‘culinary’.

The Classics

Classics are classic for a reason! No matter where or when, they state true to their creator and provenance.

This is our mantra at SYP when it comes to creating the Classic range.

Why choose our Classics over another brand?

Our choice of ingredients is what makes the difference in taste and enjoyment, collaborating with some iconic brands and some lesser known but always ensuring consistency and integrity to our brand promise…

Uncompromising in creating a drink that commands that ‘wow’ response, every time you taste it.

Discover our range of Classics drinks

Our Cocktails can be enjoyed in the most prestigious hotels

Weddings / Events

Bespoke Labels

Take your wedding or corporate event to the next level with SYP’s Bespoke Cocktail Range. Naturally, we love designing a drink that is uniquely about you on your special day or for your corporate message.

Born and raised in the heart of Sydney, our cocktails are the ideal treat for your wedding guests.

Customisable to be uniquely yours, labels and even the cocktail inside can be created exclusive to your special day.